5 Possible Ways to Get Better Sleep During Pandemics

We all are stuck in our homes for the last seven months, and this global lock-down condition is getting on our nerves. The constant feeling of anxiety and depression, lingering on our world, can affect our sleep. If you think that only you and your family have a disturbed sleep routine, calm down. This condition of sleep deprivation is global, just like the pandemic.

However, we cannot prolong this habit of not sleeping properly, which will ultimately affect our health. Although it will be tough to retain the old sleep schedule, it is not impossible when you are dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. 

Tips for a good night sleep during a pandemic

For a good night’s sleep, it is essential to adopt a lifestyle change. The following are some great tips that can help you in this regard.

1.      Meditation can help

We all are living in a state of emergency; the constant bombardment of negative emotions and news can disturb our mental condition. You need to shed off them, and it is only possible through meditation.

You should try to meditate before going to bed and early in the morning. Constant meditation can help in reducing your stress levels. Your mind will get a chance to clear up all the negative emotions.

2.      Set an exercise schedule

You should plan a schedule for a family to work out. Exercising can help you get better sleep because of the body-heating effects of exercise.

The sudden increase in your body temperature and an immediate temperature fall can induce a condition of sleepiness. Exercising is best for those who are facing insomnia and want to treat depression and anxiety symptoms.

3.      Limit the screen time

All the electronic screens, like your mobile phone and televisions, can affect your sleep-wake cycle. You need to turn off your mobile devices before going to sleep. The blue-light radiations tend to disturb the sleepiness, making it difficult to fall asleep.

As of now, we are bound to stay at home, so there are a lot of chances that we would be tempted to use our mobile phones or watch tv.

To reduce this risk, you should find an alternative activity. You can ask your family members to play some games with you. If, for example, you are living alone, you can read some great books or write your daily journal.

4.      Decorate your bedroom

A clean space can be a better option to sleep than a clutter filled room. You must try decorating all your bedrooms. It can be magic for your kids, as they would yearn to sleep in the freshly decorated rooms.

You can add some humidifiers, change the curtains or the mattresses. Choose the best mattress, like the memory foam mattress queen, and try some new paints or wallpapers. All these things can help with better sleep.

5.      Have a nice talk with your family

This pandemic has made many people sick; most of us are unable to communicate our true feelings. If you want to stay positive, you need to be in direct contact with people who love you. Practice a small family conversation, both in-person and virtual can work, to de-stress yourself.


Keeping up with the deteriorating world’s social and economic conditions can be difficult. But by following a few tips and suggestions for healthy sleep, you can maintain great health. You can do whatever relaxes you, as long as they are helping you to sleep better.